High Performance Servers

Computer Care understand that high performance, efficiency and maximum up time are extremely important factors in both website and cloud hosting. That is why we use the best companies possible. We work closely with our clients to provide them with the most beneficial and budget friendly solutions.

Web Servers

Shared Hosting

We have several shared hosting options that depend on your websites size and power consumption. We can host your website for a small yearly fee.

Dedicated Hosting

If your solution requires more power and the benefits of a dedicated server we will set up and manage a dedicated server to meet your exact requirements.


All of our web servers are backed up on a daily basis, both onsite and offsite. This include system backups as well as full account backups allowing for a full system restore or a single website restoration.


All of our servers are monitored constantly and we aim to resolve any issues as soon as possible. All servers are regularly maintained to reduce potential downtime and keep them running at peak efficiency.

Cloud hosting

Remote Backups

We understand how important your data is. We offer remote backup solutions so that if a disaster was to occur on site you would have a remote backup of all of your data.

Remote Servers

Setting up an entire system can be very costly. Using cloud servers to host your systems can help reduce this initial cost and offers great benefits such as easy expansion as your business grows.

Cloud Data Storage

We offer a variety of solutions regarding secure remote data access. We will work with you to find the best solution to match your budget and requirements.

Software Solutions

Many systems are now moving to the cloud such as  Office 365. It can be cheaper and more efficient for your business to choose a cloud based application.